Maya Diab started her career back in 2001 when she became a member of the famous lebanese group "The Four Cats".

She decided to part ways and has been solo for 5 years. Diab launched seven singles before releasing her first album. She released her very first album in 2015 and named it #MyMaya. It was distributed on Youtube, Itunes, Anghami, in addition to all digital applications in all countries of the world. The album consists of nine songs ranging from the Lebanese and Egyptian dialect. Maya has adopted new ways to market her album; she was the first to post a video of herself chatting with her friends and using her own emojis.

More than ten video clips in her records. She collaborated with the international artist "Jason Derulo" of which a music video was produced " Talk to me". She also collaborated closely with the great Ziad Rahbani on several plays in which she was a lead actress and singer. She won the "best video clip" in 2013 for "Chaklak Mabtaaref" with Murex D'or and "7 Terwah" with the ANMAwards for the best video clip of 2016.

She took part in many festivals all over the Middle East: Batroun International festival (Lebanon 2011), Beats On The Beach Festival (Abu Dhabi 2012), Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt 2012), Abu Dhabi Film Festival (UAE 2012), Cannes festival (France 2013), Dubai International Film Festival (UAE 2014), Jarash Festival (Jordan 2015), Carthage Film Festival (Tunisia 2015), Ehmej Festival (Lebanon 2016).